Shackles of Oppression

September 28, 2010

The two year escapade of Asia has come to an end. I happily return home to loving friends and family. I’m eagerly waiting for the first snow to fall and to shovel it with my dad or brother. Lion dancing with my Kung fu friends on Chinese new years. Laughing, singing and dancing in different continents of the world with old and new friends (who I made in the most unlikely places).

The shackles that I felt before this trip are gone now. The prison I felt was self imposed and with enough creatively and resourcefulness I will never be bound to them again.


Host and Hostess Clubs

June 4, 2010

Video Documentary: The Great Happiness Space

In Japan, it’s not strange for businessmen to stay away from home as much as possible.  Some work long hours in the office to avoid their families and even after they leave the office they go to hostess clubs where they can be greeted by someone with a warm smile and nice conversation.  However, there are also host clubs where lonely women are catered to by handsome men.  Please enjoy this video.

The Great Happiness Space (sorry couldn’t embed this video)